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One year today, at this very moment, that we received the worst news one could ever receive: your mother is dead… together with a number of stabs. It was the beginning of a nightmare which is still ongoing. Our uncle wrote on his Facebook what everyone wondered… Why? This question is to this day, unanswered, although the answers are out there.

One year later, the assassin is still imprisoned in the small countryside jail of Isla Mujeres. One year later: after two psychological evaluations showing that it has an antisocial personality disorder; a negative CAT Scan (supposedly lost by the hospital); a psychiatric evaluation whose preliminary results point out an absence of psychiatric disorder; new examinations of the brain are again granted by the judge, at the expenses of the Mexican State, to hopelessly try to innocent this animal who also killed his own mother with of hammer before setting her on fire and fleeing to Mexico.

These technologies were used in one single case in the United States and were finally dismissed by the court. The University of California (UCLA), Santa-Barbara, has undergoing research protocols for the use of neurosciences in criminology. However, although the experts are unanimous that it is impossible to determine the criminal responsibility of an individual with such examinations, in Isla Mujeres, it is possible.

Our Mother, who gave so much to this island and her inhabitants, now sees he right for justice refused to protect tourism. Ironically, she promoted tourism to Isla Mujeres for 10 years. Moreover, her reputation was smeared in the Medias to try to justify the unjustifiable one. From an economic point of view, every dollar spent in their tourist industry is a dollar spent approving and supporting the behavior of the authorities.

Some Islenios do what they can, but many remains disillusioned vis-a-vis a system of justice which they only know too well. The example of the use of technologies worthy of science fiction B movies is enough to illustrate the nonsense which reigns supreme. These examinations push back the date of the trial which had, under the terms of the Mexican Constitution, to take place in the twelve months following the crime.

In regards trying to understand why, up to now the “good friend of Mrs. Wathelet” of whom it is question on several occasions on this site still refuses to talk. Helena says she “does not to want to be part of this history”. Although she maintained a relationship with the assassin and that it already gave us bits of crucial information (we have audio recordings of her testimony), she rather protect the assassin than the memory of her friend. We tried real hard to get some sort of cooperation.

Even if a packed investigation report was submitted to the authorities; no follow up have been carried. This reports put into light, amongst other thing, an individual close to our mother. He also is a friend of Helena, and he had two plausible mobiles to want her dead. He appears on photographs with the assassin. The photographs were taken by Helena. The individual and Helena had asked us to destroy these pictures as soon as we would have in our possession the laptop of our mother…

This person also received a call which lasted 9 minutes 47 seconds at 10:37 a.m. from our mother’s cell phone on the morning of the murder. Let us recall that the medical examiner places the hour of the death at 9:45 a.m. The only people who were present on the crime scene at that time were: the police, the prosecutor, experts and the assassin. The investigator in charges assured us that neither him, nor its men, placed a call with that phone. When the police force finally agreed, six months later, to ask the individual who called him, he simply answered that he did not own a cell phone. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For unknown reasons, the authorities did not felt like pushing things further. This only adds to the particular treatment of the Mexican authorities gave to this case.

These facts can be purely circumstantial and may have simple answers. We still wait for the police do to its job an give them. The expertise showed it: the assassin is not a psychiatric case. He has serious behavioral problems. He understands what it did and feels no remorse. He also pleaded guilty on aggravated, premeditated first degree murder. He’s simply a dangerous individual, period. The wheel turns and we return to the key question, why…

The Canadian Foreign affairs do not want to get involved although they could make a difference. The Department seems to choose the citizens that it helps and we are not part of them. Maybe we should have lived in a district coveted by the most right wing government in our history. We are entitled to outrageously ridiculous delays to get empty answers and unproductive arguments.

The Prime Minister uses the royal prerogatives to allow his government to do nothing for Canadian citizens in difficulties outside the borders of the country. These prerogatives were never used in any former British colonies still using a Constitutional monarchy system. Even in Canada, it has never been used before. No other G8 country shows such contempt for the dignity and the respect of its citizens abroad.

One year later, the shock wave still resounds hard. It’s still hard to believable she was ripped from life this way. Not a day goes by without having the feeling to awake and that all this was only a nameless nightmare. Time stopped and the horror of what the human species is capable continues to hit like the pulsations of a clock.

One year later, it is the memory of our mother and the lady she was we would rather honor. Testimonies which we received, and still receive, are touching. We never had conscience while she lived of the amount of love she gave to those she liked. It is as comforting of knowing she was happy and that it lived the life which she wanted until the end (excluding the ten last minutes), sometimes against hell and high waters. Those which have known her, knows that even in the darkest hour, she was able to see the good side of things and inevitably rose back on her feet stronger. She gave us this strength of character, this will to remain on our feet and overcome adversity.

Rest in peace

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