Swiss cheese prison


On October 15, the prison authorities of Isla Mujeres discovered a hole in the wall of the cell of Jose Palacios Garza, murderer of Renee Wathelet and his own mother, Laura Palacios. Imprisoned for nearly 13 month at the date of his failed escape, he decides to dig a hole in the wall of its cell with a fork. This is not without remembering the successful escape from the same prison by four individuals on August 24, 2009.

Although the authorities agree that the prison is ill equipped to keep a serial killer, they had guaranteed that extraordinary measures were taken to ensure its detention. It becomes obvious to see the size of the hole which it dug that these measures are only words. Although it is the country jail of the police station, the walls still in concrete.

The higher security prison of Cancun already accommodates the prisoners at the time of tropical storms and such, but officially there is no place for a prisoner like Palacios Garza on a more permanent basis. According to information coming from Isla Mujeres, it seems the personnel of the prison might sometime let Palacios Garza out to beat up other prisoners that need a little discipline. Would it have something to do with the death of Jose Andres Avelino Villegas?

The hole was discovered following the transfer of the prisoners to Cancun because of the tropical storm/hurricane Paula. Without this evacuation, it is credible to say that Palacios Garza would be free at this very moment.

Is this the desire of freedom or the need to kill again that drive this animal to want to leave its cage? The psychological evaluations are unanimous on the fact that it will kill again if he feels the necessity to. A few weeks from tourism high season and in never ending wait for the end of these procedures, it is normal to be questioned on the real safety of going on holiday over there and on the will of the Mexican authorities to serve justice. This event in, addition to the systematic refusal to make a real investigation into the circumstances and evidences surrounding the murder, are good indicators of the true will to serve justice.

For a second time since the murder, there was a change of judge on Isla Mujeres. The prosecutor assigned to the case does not occupy the position anymore. The director of public security changed for third time.

As it is the case since the beginning of this nightmare. and in the vast majority of the cases of Canadian having troubles abroad, the Department for Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic and consular bodies do nothing. Although Canada just wiped its first defeat at the U.N., it doesn’t seem to truly worry anyone in the general populous in regard to the quality of its foreign affairs.

In the “Ottawa Citizen” of October 12 , an article exposes, once more, the incapacity of the current government to give even minimal support to the individuals and families meeting of the difficulties abroad.

Since the only real pressures come from the families, it is normal that the government looks elsewhere; it is not problems that concern the general population. The widely spread indifference contributes largely to this, in addition to the economic signals like multitude of Canadian tourists in going to these countries despite the warnings. The traditional democracy and the economic neo-democracy speak out loud.

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