Why this website?
We launch this site 9 months day for day, hour for hour, minute for minute, after the assassination of Renee Wathelet. After 9 months of difficulties, strewn with small victories and incredible turns of event, after 9 months of trying to find diplomatic solutions, after 9 months of being asked questions from people who want to know what’s happening, it became obvious that the best solution was website.

Why a launch on endirectdesiles.com and its Twitter account?
The post she published on her blog is one of, if not the last thing which she did in the minutes before her life was savagely taken. The Web 2.0 was a passion for her. Many people continued to write comments on her blog and to add her on Twitter. Death in the virtual world is still something new. We did what seemed to be the most judicious in the circumstances.

Is this only a website or also a blog?
The blog portion of the site will be used for major updates of the case and its ramifications.

The website doesn’t only address the case of Renee Wathelet?
Indeed, it seemed important to share the vast quantity of information gathered which makes it possible to put this odious crime and its continuations in context. Much of this information surprised us enormously, so we feel it’s our duty to share it. A site as this one would have surely been very useful to us in the days and weeks following the crime. Unfortunately, the question is not if, but when does another Canadian will die in such a horrific way. It was also difficult to overlook the fact the assassin of Mrs. Wathelet killed his own mother. We did restrain ourselves, for now, about previous arrest of the assassin on Isla Mujeres between the two murders and other unbelievable facts.

Do you claim that Mexico wishes to “choke” this case to safeguard tourism?
Yes and not. We report what has been criticized for some time by the Canadians victims of crimes in Mexico and also what have been said by Mexican officials. In view of the difficulties encountered to obtain justice in a case that seemed pretty straight forward to solve in the beginning, in view of the past cases, and the opinion of our lawyers, it has become clear and this is the most plausible explanation.

When reading the whole case, things seem on the right track?
We are somewhat satisfied of the achievement so far. However, the reading of the case also reveals that nothing is ever a certainty in Mexican legal system. Elements are in already place for a sudden reversal of the situation. It would not be the first time in this case. As long as the assassin will not have had his sentence, nothing is sure.

Do you wish to frighten with the Canadians and Canadian compared to Mexico?
Absolutely not. If our experience down there as well as the information presented here makes it possible for the travelers to make a reasoned decision and to be even more vigilant for their vacations, it would already be a good thing. If the Mexican authorities set up satisfactory, honest and respectful measures to safeguard one of its primary industries, it would be even better.

You mention the Canadian authorities on several occasions?
Yes, however, we should specify that this relates more directly to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade as well as the Canadian foreign policy. The work of the consular agencies is heavily handicapped by this famous, policy. The consular agencies also lack the resources to enable them to offer a service equivalent to the other countries of G8. However, maybe it’s not a priority of the federal government either. Unfortunately, as the department already tried to throw the blame on the consular agency, it is important to note that the latter did a work beyond reproach and went to the limits of what they could do for us. If a democratic government, an institution of the people, by the people, for the people, is doesn’t care anymore of the people and his interests, for whom does it really exist?

What do you want?
That justice and the democracy are respected, that these principles do not stay only in the realms of Utopias, but instead are observable and tangible practices. The ultimate goal is simple, to obtain justice and truth. Secondly, to inform and expose the reality of Canadian citizen victims of crimes in a foreign land, in this case, Mexico. After 9 months of fighting, it became clear that we will not attain these objectives alone. What can be done at the moment, how you can help, is explained at the bottom of the about page.

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