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In the days following our arrival on Isla Mujeres in September of 2009, contradictions and lack of solid information in regard to the murder quickly became overwhelming. The search of coherent answer and verifiable facts concerning the situation ended up becoming a private investigation. In spite of the difficulty of the situation and subjectivity inherent in such a work, a duty of exemplary objectivity was held on our part.

Testimonies and evidences clearly demonstrate, without any doubt, that Jose Palacios Garza premeditated his crime and entered Mrs. Wathelet’s apartment to kill her, period. He didn’t even have time to start a conversation like he declared in his deposition.

Dr. Guevara, who went to recover Mrs. Wathet’s cat’s right after her corpse was removed on the day of the crime, confirmed that no sign of suspect activity in the other parts of the apartment was present. He also stated that the bed was made, which contradict the deposition of the assassin. This represents only one of the many debatable points of this document.

At the time of his arrest, the assassin had only 7 pesos on him. The official version given to the media states that Mrs. Wathelet would have only given him 50 pesos for his services. It is geographically, and temporally, impossible for the assassin to have spent 43 pesos between its exit of the apartment and its arrest.

The autopsy report, which we read, clearly state that as far the examination of the body can go, there are no trace of sexual activity of any kind. The authorities and the media confirmed to us at the end of November that the thesis of the gigolo did not hold up, but didn’t see the interest of going public with that information.

It is however a fact that Mrs. Wathelet knew her assassin since she invited him for breakfast right before he butchered her. The investigation to find traces of this relation was exhaustive: emails, electronic files, chat logs, telephone records, photographs, personal notes, police reports and witnesses, to cite a few. This made it possible to conclude several things, among them:

  1. An intimate relation between Mrs. Wathelet and a close friend of her. Mrs. Wathelet put an end to this relation three days before she was murdered. The friend and several witnesses confirmed this information.
  2. A relation between the assassin and a good friend of Mrs. Wathelet. The relation was also confirmed by the authorities and several witnesses.
  3. No trace of relation between Mrs. Wathelet and her assassin, except though her good friend.

In view of these facts and those concerning the psychological and psychiatric aspects, the botched robbery remains, of the official mobiles, the most credible to explain the crime. This is also coherent with other murders, quite as brutal, on Isla Mujeres. The mobile were robbery that had ended very badly. For example, the murder of Tammy Kay Jenkins.

Several evidences and facts, objectives, tangible and verifiable, were also revealed by the investigation concerning the individual who maintained a relation with Mrs. Wathelet. Those highlight two mobiles and bonds between this individual and the assassin. The lawyers and competent authorities that examined the investigation report believes that there are more than sufficient ground to justify a thorough investigation on this individual and the bonds he maintained with Jose Palacios Garza. This could also explain the dimension of assassination of the murder. Officially, the Mexican authorities continue to investigate. Results are yet to be shown.

All this is done with the sights and in knowledge of the Canadian authorities which can supposedly do nothing, quoting the restrictions imposed by the Canadian foreign policy.


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