Families statement

February  28, 2010

In response to the ongoing claims about Jose Palacios Garza mental state, the families of both victim, Laura Palacios and Renée Wathelet, desire to express publicly their position.

The sheer savagery of both murders reaches new level of violence made to innocent women. These acts were thought, planned, and executed in cold blood. The abomination of one killing his own mother in that manner and then taking the life another woman a little over six week later in equally brutal, yet different way, seems inhumane and difficult to comprehend.

A review of killings by real mentally incapacitated person will only show Palacios Garza’s grisly deeds do not fits in any way, such a condition. He never denied killing or demonstrated he did not comprehend the reason behind his incarceration. There are enough publicly and verifiable evidence exist to prove he understood the illegality of his actions for both murder. He did answer clearly, consciously and soundly to the question has why he killed Ms. Wathelet. It has been the case in both the media and to the police. This show, without the shadow of doubt, he knows what he did and this does not fit in anyway the psychosis theory.

Poor emotional control, lack of compassion, and manipulative behavior are common traits of these types of criminals. These traits were observed by the professional who examined him. It has been reported in October 2009 that he was depressed and traumatized by what he did. This is another demonstration that he understands his actions. Refusing to meet his own family at the end of February is also a clear demonstration that he fully realizes and comprehend what he did.

Acting insane is one of the oldest tricks in the book since the establishment of psychology as a respected science more than a hundred years ago. Any professional psychologist or psychiatrist will also confirm that no treatment exist, or is recognize by the international mental health professionals, for anti social personality disorder. It is estimated that roughly 85% of criminals have such a behavioral disorder. This is the main axis of both his diagnostic.

Giving consideration for this assassin’s claims is an offence for the true mentally incapacitated person. It is also an insult for the rights and dignity of women. The human rights should defend these people, instead of protecting a natural born killer.

Sympathy for this murderer is more than totally inappropriate. Sympathy, understanding, and compassion should be given to the victims of murder and not the killers. Make no mistake about it, the entire families has suffered untold deprivation, frustration, anxiety, psychological suffering and financial ruin because of these murders. It’s a sacrilege to these women’s memory, that the families have to be confronted to this circus and machinations that tries to innocent such a dangerous person.

We believe in Felipe Calderon strong stance against crime, and support his strengthened punishment’s policy. We would like to believe in a safer Mexico for both its inhabitant and its tourism industry. But, offering a safe haven for murderers by allowing them to play the mental illness and irresponsibility card, when it clearly isn’t the case, is in direct contradiction with this. From our point of view, this is far more damageable to the perceived level of security than only the random acts of senseless violence perpetrated against tourist. In the light of these facts, it is our duty to inform the general populous of such blatant disregard for their lives, and those of innocent woman. Woman, like the victims of Palacios Garza, who lived peaceful lives, were loved and were so generous toward their respective community.

Finally, to clear out any ambiguities, Jose Palacios Garza is still incarcerated on Isla Mujeres. The same jail four inmates escaped through a hole they made in the walls on august 24, 2009.


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