Renee Wathelet Assassination

On the morning of September 17, 2009, on Isla Mujeres, Mexico, two employees of the State’s sanitation and public health services are doing a round of door to door to sensitize people about the risks arising from stagnant water and the proliferation of mosquitoes, therefore of malaria and dengue fever. That day, they go to the condo complex named “Fovissste”. The woman from the public health services, Violeta, sees a young man sitting in the staircases of building “A” around 9 a.m. He’s cutting plants leaves with his knife. They say “hello” to each other.

Around 9:30, Violeta is in front of the door of apartment 8, in building “D “. The inside door is opened and she calls inside 3 times. The personal computer of the victim will reveal that at 9:33 a chat program was closed. While the two people converse, the colleague of the lady moves towards the ground floor and crosses the young man they saw earlier in the staircases.

When the victim to be sees the young man, she asks him if he had breakfast. He answers by the negative and the victim invites him to come inside to eat. Violeta indicates she did not finish. The young men said to her that she was and then slam the door once inside. Violeta hears the locking mechanism of the door being engaged.

She then goes on with her job. Hardly 3 meters (10 feet) further, she start to hear screams inside. Having observed a knife in the hands of the individual before he entered the premise, she runs to apartment 5 on the adjacent floor to ask to call the police.

After having placed the call, the resident of number 5 goes to knock on the door of apartment 8. The voice of man answers him “Ahi Va” twice. Her son runs to the ground floor to await the police. When passing in front of the bottom apartment, a neighbor asks him what’s happening. After a quick explanation, they both go up. The key being still in the lock outside, they open the door.

They see the body lying on the ceramic floors and the assassin standing at the end of the room. He’s partly covered in blood, with a bloody knife in his hands. He then charges towards them and they close the door. The bloody footsteps and the tap of the kitchen still opened on arrival of the police indicate that the assassin went to wash his hands before running out of the apartment.

Once outside, he charges, knife in hand, on Violeta and the resident of number 5. They took refuge in an apartment. The assassin then continues his race, going west, descending the external staircases. He then crosses the colleague of Violeta and says to him to get move away from its path because he does not know with whom he deals. At the interior intersection of the buildings “A” and “D”, he turns left, then on the right and proceeds up the street.

Around 9:50 a.m., Jose Palacios Garza is apprehended by the police in front of the school Julio Sauri Espinoza, located in diagonal of Fovissste condo complex. His description had just been broadcast. When the assassin sees the patrol, he hides his knife in his pocket. When they arrested him, the assassin admits to have killed a woman and say he has slit her throat.

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The corpse of the victim shows 4 lacerations, two on the left hand indicating signs of defense, and two on the neck. Those on the neck respectively measure 10 and 15 cm. The assassin then projected the victim on the ground. As indicated in its deposition and his interviews from the psychological examination, she would not die quickly enough. He then stabbed her 42 times. According to the same documents, during the butchery the assassin took the trouble to get a cushion from the nearby couch to protect his knees, because the ceramics hurt them during the stabbing.

The inflicted stabbing wounds are as follows: 12 of the right-sided of the neck; 9 of the left side; 17 in the back; 2 on the left shoulder; 2 on the left side ribs. According to the ambulance men and eyewitnesses, the head was due to the body only by the cervical ones. The death certificate indicates: 1) Death by internal and external bleeding, 2) lesions of the internal organs and 3) wounds inflicted with a knife.

At 10 a.m., the prosecutor is informed of the murder and officially starts the investigation. At 10:10, he opens the scene of crime and requests the intervention of the coroner and expert in crime scene investigation. Held by the police officers not far from there, Jose Palacios Gaza is brought back to the scene of the crime during the investigators work. At 12:45 p.m., he’s officially put in custody has principal suspect for the murder of Renee Wathelet. He undergoes medical and toxicology tests. The latter came back negative.

The first motive for this crime was self-defence. On its arrival at the police station, the media asked him, in front of camera, why he killed Mrs. Wathelet. He understands the question and answers clearly that it is for reasons of passion. Thereafter, quoting competent sources, the possible botched robbery is presented has a probable cause in the medias.

On September 18 at 00:25 a.m., he finishes his deposition in front of the prosecutor. He accepts the charges that are held against him. The official version retained by the authorities is that he was a gigolo and that Mrs. Wathelet would have only given him 50 pesos. However, in the killer‘s deposition, we can read that he entered the apartment, they talked, he lost patience, he’d went to seek money that she would have had hidden under her mattress. When he exited her bedroom, she would have attacked him with his own knife. He simply defended himself.

On September 25, 2009, Jose Palacios Garza is formally charged on account of HOMICIDIO CALIFIGADO. He pleads guilty to these charges to which premeditation and aggravating circumstances are also added.

To this date, no clear motive have been proven. Of the four mobiles presented, only the thesis of the botched robbery remains credible. The crime of passion, self-defense or prostitution thesis, were all refuted during the subsequent private investigation.


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